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One of Europe’s most sought after architecture innovators, Edith Derlon is renowned for beautiful, functional and serene spaces that incorporate her trademark sound-proofing materials, creating stress-free, noiseless environments, particularly valued in urban settings.
But she is becoming increasingly known for a new passion: Discovery Doors, an intelligent design philosophy exclusive to children’s bedrooms and playrooms that literally “opens the doors” to every child’s talents, personality and interests. Within each child’s personal living space, Derlon designs multiple themed “doors” that lead to areas of child-friendly exploration of…gardening, architecture, teaching, finance, journalism, archeology, art or medicine—just to name a few.
Her goal is simple: Helping parents help their children get on the path to self-discovering. Derlon believes every person has a gift, a special talent that each does best and loves doing. She understand that children are “learning machines,” with an incredible ability to absorb an immense amount of information.

Says Derlon, “We will be encouraging every child’s natural interests and abilities. And in time, the little darlings will become the best of whatever it is they truly are meant to be.”

Founder and CEO of The Esion, a Monaco-based architectural, engineering and product-development company.
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